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Basically πŸ‘‘ What’s your favorite #Starbucks drink?
😍 How would you dress these up?

#Fashion #SneakerHead
I love day dreaming about all the things I know I’m going to achieve in this worldπŸ™Œ I know my purpose and the plans god has set out for my life and there is no one, absolutely no one that can change that, but meπŸ’• #Dream #Believe #Achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to you can accomplish. With #Faith as small as a seed and taking action daily toward what you want to achieve you will get one step closer to all the things you want to experience  in life #NeverGiveUp #YouCanDoIt πŸ’•
πŸ’Ž #TagAFriend #ShineBright #StayStrong
Good Morning. Be want you want to attract✨ This can be really challenging especially if your bought up in a home filled with anger, drama, abuse and hurt. The great thing is you control your happiness!! Apply happiness and love to your world daily and it will bring you one step closer to pure blissπŸ’• #TagSomeone #SpreadUnity #SpreadLove
Tag Those People ✨
There are times we get so caught up in the moment, in our emotions that we decide to be really hurtful with our words. It’s easy to simply react to how your feeling. The challenging part is speaking love even when you don’t feel like itπŸ’• #SpreadLove #WordsCanHurt #ChooseThemWisely